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Sebastien Bize E. A. Curtis, C. W. Oates, and L. Hollberg An Optical Clock/Frequency Standard at 657 nm Based On Laser-Cooled Neutral Calcium Atoms
Sebastien Bize R.E. Drullinger, U. Tanaka, C. Tanner, S. Bize, W. Itano, D.J. Wineland and J.C. Bergquist The 199Hg^+ Optical Frequency Standard
Paul Bowe Paul Bowe News from ATHENA experiment
Paolo Crivelli A. Badeartscher, P. Crivelli, M. Felcini, S.N. Gninenko, P. Nedelec, J.P. Peigneux, V.E. Postoev, A. Rubbia, and D. Sillou New results of three body exotic ortho-Positronium decay
Sergei Bagayev S. N. Bagayev Femtosecond optical Clock
Thomas Beier T. Beier, S. Djekic, H. Haeffner, N. Hermanspahn, S. G. Karshenboim, H.-J. Kluge, W. Quint, S. Stahl, J. Verdu and G. Werth New value for the mass of the electron
Nikolai Bezuglov N.N. Bezuglov, E.N. Borisov and A.K. Kazansky Radiative kinetics of hydrogen atom: semiclassical approach
Malcolm Boshier S.A. Burrows, S. Guerandel, F. Lison, J. Murrell, E.A. Hinds, and M.G. Boshier Towards a Precise Measurement of the He+ 2S Lamb Shift
Liudmila Bureeva L.A. Bureyeva, V.S.Lisitsa, C. Namba and D.A. Shuvaev Radiative cascade following dielectronic recombination
Liudmila Bureeva L.A. Bureyeva and V.S. Lisitsa Universal Classical Approach for Rydberg Atomic Spectral Line Shapes
Claudio Cesar D. Silveira, T. Mendes, O. Pereira, M. Veloso, and C. Cesar Trapping atomic hydrogen with buffer gas
Christopher Thomas Chantler C. T. Chantler Recent developments in X-ray tests of QED
Masami Chiba M.Chiba, J. Nakagawa, H. Tsugawa and T. Nishimura A detector with high-detection efficiency in 4- and 5-photon-positronium annihilations
Yuri Domnin Yu.S. Domnin, G.A. Elkin, A.V. Novoselov, L.N. Kopylov, V.N. Baryshev, and V.G. Palchikov VNIIVTRI cesium fountain
Gordon Drake G.W.F. Drake Contributions of O(alpha^7mc^2) to helium fine structure and the fine structure constant
Rudolf Faustov R.N.Faustov and A.P.Martynenko g-factors of bound particles in quantum electrodynamics
Marc Fischer M. Fischer, N. Kolachevsky, S. G. Karshenboim, and T. W. Haensch Precision Spectroscopy of the 1S-2S Transition in Atomic Hydrogen
James Friar James Friar The Structure of Light Nuclei and its Effect on Precise Atomic Measurements
Dmitry Glazov G.A.Glazov, V.M.Shabaev, M. B. Shabaeva, V. A. Yerokhin, G. Plunien, and G. Soff Theory of the g factor of high-Z lithiumlike ions
Sergei Gninenko S. Gninenko Search for an exotic three body decay of orthopositronium